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Why HubSpot is the Best Zendesk Alternative

Front vs Zendesk Talk: Helpdesk Tools Comparison

zendesk vs front

Now that we know the features, it is time we take a look at the UI. If you used any third-party email apps, you’ll feel right at home. On the left side, you have all your inboxes and messages, whereas the main body is cluttered with the message itself. The top right corner is populated with your profile icon and notification bells, as well as the online status of other users. So, if we had to outline the three core features of Front App, that would be the aforementioned shared inbox, the Internal visibility system, and the multichannel communication module.

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The Best ClickUp Integrations for 2023 [Manage Tasks Effectively].

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We immediately set up your inbox and all the channels you need. These insights help support teams make a strong impact on the company’s bottom line and prove your ROI to company leaders. Plus, it connects to your online store and offers features to make daily ecommerce processes (like refunding and tracking customer orders) possible in just a couple of clicks. We’ve taken great pride in providing exceptional service for almost a decade now. Our agents go above and beyond in helping our customers get the most out of Enchant.

The 15 best Zendesk alternatives

Freshdesk also offers other features like clutter-free management capabilities to handle customer inquiries. It also provides customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT) when help desk ticketing closes. Freshdesk ranks as one of the top Zendesk competitors in the market. The platform offers products for chats, shared inboxes, reports, etc.

Nonetheless, if I were an IT department head, I would choose the solution with my industry-specific features. The website can be laggy at times, but I don’t find it too bothersome. Although you’re paying for a solid piece of software, it can still hinder a small company’s budget.


Front’s messages look like a personal reply, making the solution ideal for companies with high-value customers, complex interactions, and prioritizing quality service. Help Scout is a more lightweight and accessible option than Zendesk if you need a standalone support hub for your business. Email Meter is an email analytics tool for Gmail that’s designed to give your team actionable insights into your email performance. You can create custom dashboards that show your team the key email activity metrics they need to know, and schedule reports so you’re always up-to-date on your team’s performance. However, it’s a space with hot competition and there are powerful alternatives. Freshchat’s campaigns offer hyper-targeted segmentation and let you reach out to customers and prospects before they reach you.

zendesk vs front

There are no delays and there are no hiccups, it is like you are chatting on the native platform. Its normal for your team to encounter issues with the customer support tool they’re using. But what matters is how quickly they can get assistance in resolving these issues. The challenge with Zendesk, however, is that creating these reports can be quite time consuming, owing to the complexity of the interface. Apart from this, integrating Zendesk with your desired customer support channels can be very tricky, especially in cases where there are a number of sources to include.

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zendesk vs front