Twitch Bots: 8 Great Chatbots to Upgrade Your Twitch Stream Level

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chatbots for twitch

It comes with an outstanding user interface and easy navigation. From customizing alerts and commands to filtering messages and words, the platform will allow you to manage all your chats easily. With no software to be downloaded, Wizebot has become one of the top Twitch chatbots.

chatbots for twitch

Moobot is a moderator bot which is also extremely popular with Twitch streamers. The bot is absolutely free and has a very comprehensible dashboard. It is used for increasing viewers’ engagement and loyalty, eliminating distractions, and building the desired community by punishing scammers and rewarding devoted viewers. It is adjustable, hosted in the cloud servers and reliable too. Typically, the end goal of this handling is moderation and customization. If you have a troll spamming meaningless chat during your stream, the Twitch chatbot can promptly kick the user.

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You can set up many dynamic responses to user commands or post specific messages at regular intervals throughout your stream. You can create custom commands, set up lists, and moderate your channel with it as well. They also allow you to use their premium alerts to highlight when someone gives you a tip.

After receiving a PING message, your bot must reply with a PONG message. The text of the PONG message must be the text from the PING message. You can play around with the control panel and read up on how Nightbot works on the Nightbot Docs. Give your viewers dynamic responses to recurrent questions or share your promotional links without having to repeat yourself often. We allow you to fine tune each feature to behave exactly how you want it to.

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It is every user’s best companion against trolls and efficiently performs moderation functions in a less amount of time. Generally, people buy Twitch Viewer Bots to increase the number of viewers on their stream and make the streams more interactive and entertaining. With the use of these viewer bots, people can take their streams to the next level. With over 11 interactive modules and minigames within the chatbot, StreamElements seems like the full package for a lot of streamers.

They are comprehensive solutions that enhance engagement, automate tasks, ensure safety, and drive data-driven growth, making them a must-have for any serious Twitch streamer. If you need an advanced bot which can be customized to your own requirements, PhantomBot is a great choice. It is an open-source bot which constantly improved by the community and is absolutely free to use. Powered by Java it guarantees not only entertainment to your viewers but also great moderation. It is easy to manage the bot thanks to fire-up control panel and you can opt for multiple integrations with it too. “Convenience of use” due to the interface itself being easy to understand is one thing.

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You can even customize commands and set automated replies to the chats. Use its spam filter feature to ensure only important chats are prioritized. If the chatbot receives messages, but fails to send messages when it detects the !

Harvard’s New Computer Science Teacher Is a Chatbot – PCMag

Harvard’s New Computer Science Teacher Is a Chatbot.

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And here’s what the message looks like if it contains multiple messages. In this case, the message contains the JOIN, 353, 366, USERSTATE, ROOMSTATE, and PART messages. If the bot reply with a PONG, the server terminates the connection.

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chatbots for twitch