10 Best Sales Chatbots to Drive Revenue in 2023

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Chatbots for Sales in 2023

sales chatbot

Sales chatbots are computer applications/programs similar to conversational chatbots. Where conversational chatbots focus on supporting and engaging the customer, sales chatbots focus on converting more sales for your business. They utilize machine learning techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand human conversations and provide relevant replies. They can also be integrated into websites and other platforms to provide assistance and solutions to customers. An AI-powered chatbot is a chatbot designed to use conversational AI and sales force automation to enable prospects and customers to self-serve when interacting with your company. Assess the chatbot’s AI technology, including its natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning capabilities.

The AI is able to answer questions and suggest our bestsellers, our combo packs, segment options through requested categories. Overall, we are very happy with the experience it provides our customers. This chatbot software for sales lets you launch customized chatbot without any coding knowledge in just a few clicks. This tool further lets you strengthen your lead generation strategy without even increasing your sales team. Whether you are a growing business or an established one, ChatBot helps you qualify leads easily.

Kore.ai IVAs turn prospects into customers and improve sales operations

A sales chatbot is an automated software program designed to engage with customers and assist in the sales process. It uses prewritten scripts and/or algorithms to simulate human-like conversations, answer customer queries, provide product information and even guide them through the sales funnel. Sales chatbots can improve customer engagement, save time for sales teams and generate leads by qualifying prospects. Also, start conversations with customers already engaged with your website’s products or services. Plus, Drift integrates with popular CRMs and email marketing services.

sales chatbot

Whereas rule-based chatbots have automated replies for the questions, if a customer asks various questions, these bots struggle to provide a relevant answer. I have been working with Hello Rep AI for over 1.5 years with a client of mine- I have a marketing business and I help provide marketing strategies and tactics for b2c clients. I discovered Hello Rep through a search for the automated chat for our ecommerce site that sells high end consumer medical devices.

Scale Your Sales & Support With AI Chatbot

This can help you maximize the efficiency of your teams and boost conversions of your visitors. In fact, about 55% of businesses using AI chatbots generate more high-quality leads. Also, research shows that brands who reply to their potential customers within an hour of receiving a query are seven times more likely to qualify the prospect.

sales chatbot

This involves identifying the various user inputs and determining the appropriate responses to each input. By mapping the conversation flow, you can ensure your chatbot is engaging and responsive to user needs. To keep your chatbot sales-ready, you must first understand the sales funnel and identify specific goals for your chatbot. Determine which stage of the sales funnel your chatbot will target and what actions you want users to take. This information will guide the design of your chatbot and ensure that it aligns with your overall sales strategy.

We encourage you to choose the top three platforms and get a free trial to test them out for yourself. Let’s go more in-depth with reviews including pros, cons, main features, and pricing of each of the platforms. You can use personal recommendations, spinning wheels, and special offers for this task. You’ll need to build eCommerce integrations from scratch, but the result will be a transactional bot that does whatever your wallet allows. Honestly, if you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest way to accept one-time payments and didn’t think about a bot, you should look into Landbot. Alpha Alias views itself as an extension of your team, embodying your company’s terminology, your motivations, and your values.

sales chatbot

Use it to improve the customer experience, streamline your sales process and free up time for your sales reps to focus on closing deals. If you’re thinking of introducing sales bots into your workflow, take a look at Pipedrive’s LeadBooster add-on. We provide our customers with the tools to launch a chatbot, but we also use chatbots ourselves. Our conversational AI helps customers access the information they need as quickly as possible. There are various types of sales bots you can use to connect with visitors to your web pages or elsewhere, such sales chatbots, retail bots and AI bots.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

It means that the technology continually adapts without you having to tell it what to do. For example, chatbots analyze how customers respond to figure out what they want. Then, it continually adapts and improves its answers based on responses and search patterns. Chatbots can analyze user preferences, previous purchase history, frequently asked questions, and even conversation sentiment analysis.


A report says that 92.4% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they have been able to read a trusted review about it. Chatbots can provide multi-lingual chat support by translating foreign languages to your language in real-time. Excellent knowledge of the product enables a salesperson to quickly and accurately consult customers on any questions so they can make a buying decision. It also makes customers feel they’re dealing with company representatives who are reliable and trustworthy experts. To make user interactions with the chatbot easy, we integrated it into popular messengers like Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Live Chat + Bots

They can also be modified by your teams to focus on specific targeting depending on visitor traffic and proactively start chats (rather than waiting for users to start the conversation). This easy-to-use chatbot also integrates seamlessly with social media platforms so customers can go from Facebook to live assistance in the click of a button. A clean interface and on-demand support makes Ada a strong recommendation for businesses looking to keep it simple. Whether you need to chat via email, website chatbot, or social media messaging channels, Answer Bot is there for you. Through numerous available integrations, Answer Bot works with your knowledge base to answer questions from any channel you use — especially if you’re already using a help center. Most high-level chatbots should be able to provide information, solve simple issues, complete transactions, and answer questions from your knowledge base outside of business hours.

  • Large-ticket items typically need social proof, testimonials, or a sales call, and a bot can facilitate this activity conversationally.
  • This client is an original equipment manufacturer that creates processes and equipment to manufacture semiconductor chips for a global client base.
  • We’ll use Zendesk software as an example, but these three principles apply to the majority of major CRM platforms.
  • If you need complex or additional features and you are not already a HubSpot user, this might not be the chatbot for you.

AI chatbots with Sentiment Analysis technology will process the sentiment conveyed in the message and empathize with your customers. Chatbots with NLP technology can efficiently understand your customers’ conversations. Natural language processing technology will break your customers’ messages and analyze the meaning of the conversation. Unlike human agents, chatbots are not available only for particular time zones and this is one of the main reasons why it rules customer communication in many eCommerce stores. Chatbots understand multiple languages through natural language processing technology.

Make business decisions based in data

They generate relevant and personalized product responses or suggestions in human language—these build better customer experiences, which lead to more sales. A recent study showed that around 58% of customers are willing to pay more for excellent customer service. Chatfuel is one of the best chatbot platforms for freelancers, startups, and businesses with social media-based customer service. It offers Messenger chatbots with NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology for a better customer experience with your brand.

sales chatbot

Answering such questions timely is important for maintaining customer engagement and boosting sales. In this article, we first outline some of the potential use cases of sales chatbots in order to urge firms to embrace them. We will later provide best practices for deploying/using sales chatbots to ensure a smooth transition in your modernisation of sales activities. Use chatbots to suggest the right products to the right customers in an on-brand and friendly way. Connect your CRM system and give recommendations based on previous purchases and preferences.

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Insurtech firm signs up 100K policies via chatbot.

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